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Collin doesn't know I'm Denis's brother. John and Todd always walk hand in hand. She looked at him with an inscrutable expression.

It is a nice day, isn't it?

Michael has seen it.

Can we see her now? Do you know the way? I take a strong attitude toward her. It can't hurt for you to spend a little time with Graeme. Vladimir said that he would be moving to Boston next October.

You just don't know how it feels. Outside the mainstream of orthodox Judaism, the apocalyptic books were more successful with certain movements. Sorrel bought a camera not too long ago. Unable to bear her miseries, she ran away from her husband. I told you the truth. I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. Dewey watched Walt dance. Eduardo won the championship. Can I give you some friendly advice? I think I've showed considerable constraint under the circumstances.

I want to see it with my own eyes. Soon we were clear of the town. You have wanted to go there for a long time, haven't you? We get paid every Friday.

I decided it was time to come home. Rudolph's last name isn't easy to pronounce. I'll see what can be done. I'd like some more bread, please. What a pathetic story! You make me want to tear my hair out. "When will you be back?" "It all depends on the weather." You won't get away from me, Ralph.

He was cheated. I forgot to bring the map. I didn't eat breakfast this morning. Mysore and Sam won't go without me. She went through a long and arduous vocational course.

It's the secret for improving one self. We were all a little tired. People in this village have no running water. Eliot gave me this tie. Can you arrange for a night tour bus? Shakespeare, whose plays are world-famous, lived some four hundred years ago. He's thrilled with his new job. What're you doing, Carl?

Here we are at Himeji Station. There is a twenty minute delay. My parents told me that if I worked hard I would have a good carrier. Well, you know what they say. Rod and Rudy are waiting for you in the lobby. We don't need money.

I've been forgetting things lately. How many carbon atoms does methane have? That's super easy. How much will it cost by sea mail? They are such cheaters!

Rats have gnawed holes in the door. Always when he was going to the toilet he was taking a comic of Mortadelo and Filemon. Belgians claim that French fries are not French but Belgian. A stranger beat urgently at the front door.

Rajeev felt that he owed Mahesh an explanation. That's bad news. Why is it that many language courses are ineffective? You'll be answering the phones.

Patricio will go far. It is regrettable that you did not start earlier. I think that Nigel speaks French well. When I was a kid, there'd be nightly arguments about whose turn it was to wash up. I didn't forget about you, Jagath. The game was very exciting. Love is beyond reason.

There is no future for her. First, let's talk about what Hon did. Ross took off his glasses and wiped his eyes.